Party Favours

Special treat for your party guests

Make your guests feel extra special by including party favours. 

Not only will they look great on display as your guests arrive, we can also personalise favours

to suit the individuality of your guests’ personalities and interests.

Flower Crown Kits • Party Bags • Bath Bombs

Flower Crown & Unicorn Flower Headband  DIY Making Kits

Party Favour for Party
Party Favour for Party

Our flower crown and unicorn flower headband kits were created in conjunction with Belinda from an Adelaide Company, Bloom Flower Crowns. They are the perfect addition to your Sleepee Teepee party; each guest gets to create a personalised crown or headband and can take it home with them as a momento of your party.

Flower Crown or Unicorn Flower Headbands

$18.00 each

Each pack includes:

• Artificial flowers,
wire (headband for unicorn) 
& ribbon

• Step by step instructions

HIRE the DIY Making Presentation Box - $15

• Table top Mirror

• Crochet Tablecloth

• Presentation Box

Party Favour for Party
Party Favour for Party
Party Favour for Party

Sleepee Teepee Bath Bombs

Party Favour for Party
Party Favour for Party
Party Favour for Party
Party Favour for Party

Designed by Ellie from Adelaide based company Buzz Beauty Products with Sleepee Teepee in mind.

Drop it in the tub and watch as the deep-blue water begins to sparkle, like twinkling stars in the night sky. A delightful combination of floral and fruity notes will transform your tub into a twist of uplifting aromas and the water-softening sodium bicarbonate and coconut oil combination is guaranteed to make your skin feel silky smooth.

Sleepee Teepee Bath Bomb - $6.50 each

Each bath bomb comes packaged with ribbon and tag to write guests name.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Coconut Oil, Lemon Oil, Polysorbate 80, Rose Geranium Oil, CI 42090, CI 19140, CI 16035, CI 17200, Mica, Biodegradable Gold Stars.

Party Bags

Party Favour for Party

Option 1: Primped - $11 per pack

Contains: Eye Mask, Lip Balm, Toothbrush, Hair Accessory

Option 2: Snuggly - $12 per pack

Contains: Bed Socks, Lip Balm, Eye Mask

Option 3: Sweetheart - $16.50 per pack

Contains: Mug, Hot Chocolate Sachet, Hair Accessory, Lip Balm, Toothbrush

Option 4: Camp Out - $15.00 per pack

Contains: Transformer Torch, Enamel Mug, Hot Chocolate Sachet, Toothbrush

Option 5: Buzz Beauty Bath Bomb - $8 each 

Contains: Specially designed Sleepee Teepee Bath Bomb

Option 6: Fiesta Fever - $10 each 

Contains: Fiesta Living Succulent in mini pot. Specially designed by "Living Bunch Hire" for Sleepee Teepee

Option 7: Llamarous - $12 per pack NEW!

Contains: Llamour Beauty Case, Lip Balm
& Eye Mask

Add Cupcake Bed Socks to pack - $5.50 ea

Add Llama Socks to pack - $4.50 ea

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 10.59.56

Build my own pack or Add to the above: 

Make your own custom pack (min 2 pieces), each pack comes presented in a Chiffon bag with a Sleepee Teepee sticker.

Extras to add to your bag or

Build your own party bags

Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm

Cupcake Bed Socks

$6.50 each

Bath Bomb

$6.50 each

Macaroon Lip Balm

Macaron Lip Balm

$4.00 each

Macaroon Lip Balm

Eye Mask

$3.50 each

Macaroon Lip Balm


$3.00 each

Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm

Temporary Body Art

$3.00 each

Transformer Torch

$4.50 each

Hair Accessory

$2.00 each

Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm

Tumbler Mug

$6.00 each

Unicorn Flower Headband

$18 each 

DIY Flower Crown

$18 each

Screen Shot 2019-06-23 at 10.59.56

Beauty Case

$6.50 each 

Llama Socks

$5 each

Living Fiesta Succulent

$10 each

Macaroon Lip Balm
Macaroon Lip Balm

Sparkling Tutu

$8 each 

Tiara Headband

$3.00 each

All prices are inclusive of GST

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